Maurizio De Vita Architetto socio fondatore

Maurizio De Vita – Architetto

DVS Studio Founding member


Date of birth: 1955
Place of birth: Bari (Italy)

1980 – Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Florence University
1983 – 1985 Research work and teaching at the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, New York
1988 – 1993 Visiting Professor at the Florence and Syracuse campuses of Syracuse University, New York
2002 – 2004 Professor of Restoration at the Ascoli Piceno Architecture Faculty
2003 – 2009 Editor of “OPERE – rivista toscana di Architettura”
Since 2004 – Professor of Restoration at the Architecture Faculty of Florence University
2005 – 2006 Lecturer at the Architecture Faculty of Venice University
2003 – 2005 Advisor on twentieth century architecture to the Florence City Council during the drawing up of the Development Plan and the creation of a new Centre for Contemporary Art in Florence
2005-2006 Advisor to the Carrara City Council for the technical aspects of the design of a new Museum Centre for the city
2007 – Founding partner architect in the De Vita & Schulze Architects architectural practice
2018 – Founding partner of the company De Vita & Schulze (Beijing) Architectural Design Consulting Co. Ltd. In association with the arch. Ulrike Schulze and arch. Junmei Du.

He has won national and international architectural competitions. He has prepared numerous restoration projects for historical buildings and monumental complexes and has subsequently directed the restoration work; he has designed new buildings and urban developments. His projects have been included in diverse architectural exhibitions in Florence, Parma, Viareggio, Turin, Paris, Prague and Syracuse, New York. Projects he has designed, or assisted in designing, have been published in the following architectural journals: Casabella, Controspazio, Area, d’Architettura, Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, L’Industria delle Costruzioni, Recuperare l’Edilizia, Riabita.