The purpose of construction
is to make things hold togheter;
of architecture to move us. (Le Corbusier)

DVS Studio

De Vita & Schulze Architetti Florence

Our Studio

The firm works on a wide variety of architectural and landscape projects – new constructions, interior design and restoration – which always carefully consider the environmental and sustainability issues involved.

The works designed and brought to completion by the firm include:

  • The restoration of public and private buildings including large complexes such as museums, theatres, educational institutions, trade fair buildings, residential dwellings, office buildings and tourist accomodation structures. These restoration projects frequently include architectural extensions of an experimental nature and innovative technological solutions.
  • The specialised restoration of important monuments including their decorative and sculptural elements.
  • New buildings in older urban areas with particular historic and environmental qualities where there are landscapes requiring conservation or enhancement: the project briefs included the design of all outside areas and the associated works of urban infrastructure.
  • The designing of residential and office interiors; the mounting of cultural exhibitions and events.
  • The remodelling and laying out of outdoor areas often in association with ladscape design and new infrastructure.


When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?

(Thomas Hood)


The design project and the identity of the place

The firm always carefully considers the relationship between the design project and the identity of the place for which it is destined and the relationship between pre-existing and innovative elements of a project; technical and cultural aspects are closely monitored throughout the design process and the executive phase.