Final and executive design of the “New Bellavista Pavilion” in the XVI century “Fortezza da Basso” in Florence

The new Bellavista Pavilion replaces dilapidated service volumes and others of a temporary nature located between the Arsenale complex and the buildings that house the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence. The design of the new pavilion relies on a compositional complexity that offers an elongated spatiality, as extended as at the same time available for different uses and characterized by articulated volumes, moved and variable in the three dimensions for the entire extension of the building itself. The new Bellavista Pavilion is therefore inserted in a free space that wants to perceive the identity fullness of the monumental complex and the limits set by the pre-existing structures, transforming the latter into resources and guides for a design compatible with the history of the places, respectful of these and at the same authentically contemporary, unprecedented, meditated time. The Bellavista pavilion is also architecture of relationships, connections, sharing and green architecture.


Locality: Florence
Client: Municipality of Florence
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2020 – in progress

With: Hydea Spa, Sodi & Associati, INLAND, Sani Società di Ingegneria

Cooperation DVS: arch. Leonardo Pestelli