Recovery and redevelopment interventions of the XIX century Austrian era complex – ARS DISTRICT – The Accademia park – Verona

The project for the recovery and redevelopment of the military complex of the Arsenale of Verona, Franz Josef I, provides for the refurbishment of the entire complex according to three macro-themes, namely a purely public market space in the west court, a service area for communities, including civic halls, catering and guesthouses in the central courtyard, and an area dedicated to new spaces for the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, in the eastern courtyard. The large central space, called Esplanade, will be a green area of connection and direction with the three courtyards and the command building, at the entrance to the complex that will house new spaces for Specialist Libraries, including the Art Library which includes the Library of the Castelvecchio Museum, the Library of the Achille Becchi Modern Art Gallery, and spaces for the Natural History Museum.


Locality: Verona
Client: Municipality of Verona
Assignment: Final Design Project
Design Date: 2020 – in progress

With: Politecnica Srl, F&M Ingegneria Spa, Coprat Soc Coop, Dott.ssa Monica Endrizzi

Cooperation DVS: arch. Alice Casarin, arch. Daniele Galliani