Restoration, recovery and re-Functionalization for cultural purposes of the XVI century Fortress of Arezzo

The restoration of the Fortress of Arezzo involved both the specialized interventions on the curtain walls and the ramparts of this extraordinary sixteenth-century monumental complex, as well as the destiny of its interior spaces and the adjustments
relating to the accesses, the parking system, the vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With regard to the masonry face, diagnostic investigations were carried out, specialist restoration interventions were carried out, and multiple consolidation interventions of the walls, often collapsed or close to collapse vaults. The guidelines for the restoration and reuse of the environments and open spaces of the Fortress have been outlined, moving in the direction of a use consistent with the needs of the present and of the updated museum design of the monument. The restoration has moved in different steps in the individual spaces and environments, integrating the ancient with contemporary materials and elements. All the elements have been inserted while safeguarding the landscape context of the Fortress, a monument clearly visible from the surrounding hills, evaluating the impact of each individual element, always choosing materials that fit well into the landscape and carefully evaluating the dimensions of the elements.


Locality: Arezzo
Client: Municipality of Arezzo
Assignment: Scientific advice in the Design Phase, Project Managment, Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2008 – 2015
Date of Realization: 2011 – 2018

With: Sertec S.a.s., Consilium Srl, Spira Srl.

Construction Company: Mbf Edilizia Spa, Leonardo Services Srl