Restoration, recovery and refurbishment of the Former Military Hospital of San Gallo in Florence

The former military hospital is located in the centre of Florence and was built in the XIX century by joining and modifying two XV century convents. With this project the historic buildings and spaces are restored and an open, walkable urban block is created. It contains a top level hotel, residences, offices and cultural spaces. The concept interprets the theme of the cut as a spatial opportunity for reconnection that allows you to find courtyards / passages to be returned to the city, but also as a tool for measuring the history of the fabrics of these places with respect to the current condition: the comparison enhances their identity. The project thus becomes: a system of spatial reconnections (paths, courtyards, squares) transversal between via Cavour and via San Gallo, and a physical system of cuts (new volumes), introduced in the most worn out meshes of the complex and parallel to via Cavour.


Locality: Florence
Client: cdp-investimenti sgr / Private
Assignment: Competition, Urban variant, Final and Executive design Project
Design Date: 2017 – in progress

With: Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, arch. Silvia Viviani, TEKNE Spa

Cooperation DVS: arch. Federica Stagni, arch. Ambra Paganelli