Restoration and redevelopment of the XIV century Badia a Settimo, Scandicci (Florence)

The project for the Badia a Settimo complex involved a recovery and restoration project and the definition of a new functional program, based on a careful and integrated assessment of the compatibility of the hypotheses of use with the asset and its different parts, different in terms of conservation and potential from level to level. The conservation and enhancement of the complex and its history and the new functional definition had to be a single act, cultural and technical at the same time. In this sense, a general program was identified which would also correspond to the enhancement of the individual spaces. Some areas affected by tampering, or even by their nature with more flexible spatial characters, have been destined for functions that required splitting and more pronounced modifications. Another inspiring criterion of the design choices was that of the flows of people, of the possible “opening to the outside”.


Locality: Scandicci (Florence)
Client: Cassa di Risparmio Foundation
Assignment: Technical-economic Feasibility Study
Design Date: 2017-2018
Cooperation DVS: arch. Ambra Paganelli


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