Restoration, recovery and re-functionalization of the XIX Bard Fortress, in Bard (Aosta)

The recovery to full use of the Bard Fort – owned by the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta and financed by the European Community – has enhanced a well-known nineteenth-century military structure, bound by the Legislative Decree 42/2004, a notable “architectural sign” of the region and a fundamental pole of tourist attraction. To cover the difference in height of about 100 m between the valley floor and the Opera Carlo Alberto, inclined or vertical elevators were inserted to reach the level of the courtyards of the tall works, transparent elements in glass and steel that speak a contemporary language. The project functions are located within the main settlement units that make up the Bard complex. From the village located downstream, to the system of fortified bastions up to the major work. Particular attention was given to the external surfaces of the Fort facing the specialist restoration of the plasters, walled facings and stone materials.


Locality: Bard (Aosta)
Client: Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta – FINBARD S.p.A
Assignment: Preliminary, Definitive and Executive Design Project, Artistic Direction
Design Date: 1997, 2003
Date of Realization: 1999-2006

With: Francesco Gurrieri, Federico Gurrieri, Politecnica Scarl, Consilium Srl

Construction Company: ACMAR Scarl di Ravenna – Cossi Spa di Sondrio