Restoration and recovery of the XIV century Torregalli Castle in Florence

The monumental complex “Castello di Torregalli” originated from a medieval nucleus, which developed and changed in a continuous and complex way, thus enriching itself with Renaissance, mannerist and valuable Baroque examples. The restoration and recovery of this cultural asset for residential use took the form of a wide-ranging intervention that addressed landscape and architectural restoration problems. Inside, valuable decorative paintings have been brought to light and restored, including important seventeenth-century frescoes by Baccio del Bianco. About 30 residential units have been built in the most rigorous respect for the identity and construction characteristics of this splendid complex. The late seventeenthcentury monumental garden and the relative decorations have been restored; the park on the north side was rearranged and a surface car park was added. Specialist restorations of stone materials, polymaterial nymphaeums, sculptures, pictorial apparatus, terracotta elements, wooden doors and window frames, ancient metal parts of great value have been designed.


Locality: Florence
Client: Private
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project, Project Managment
Design Date: 1992-1998
Date of Realization: 1999-2002

With: Francesco Gurrieri, Federico Gurrieri, Guido Spezza, Studio Ing. Piero Caliterna, Studio Lombardini Engineering, Studio ArchIngegno, Editech srl

Construction Company: M.B.F. Edilizia S.p.A, Consorzio CER


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