Interventions of recovery, restoration and enhancement of the historic building “Palazzo Vivarelli Colonna” in Florence

The project involves the restoration, enhancement and change of use of the eighteenth-century Palazzo Vivarelli Colonna in Via Ghibellina in Florence and aims at the recovery of the entire complex and its revival in a high-level residential key. The Palace, with a total built area of approximately 4800 square meters, is spread over four floors and still has well-preserved original wall elements and decorations. Similarly, it involves the restoration of its historic “Italian garden” characterized by geometric flower beds, a variety of tree species, and sculptural and decorative elements (such as a circular fountain decorated with a swan statue, and a grandiose wall fountain). With a set of minimal interventions and specialist restorations, we intend to restore an architectural complex of immense historical-artistic value to its ancient glory.


Locality: Florence
Client: Private
Assignment: Technical and economic feasibility design
Design Date: 2022
Cooperation DVS: arch. Ambra Paganelli


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