Restoration and re-functionalization of the CRRC area in Qingdao (China)

The project of new development of historic buildings in the CRRC area of Qingdao intends to re-use existing buildings with new functions and add new volumes and a new landscape design, making this place a cultural magnet but also a desired space, pleasant, full of opportunities for spending an unforgettable time with the family and friends, for important occasions in life but also for a day way different from the others. Historic architectures and spaces and new buildings and paths will create, together, a unique place for culture, historical memory, entertainment, sharing, relax and imagination.


Locality: Qingdao (CINA)
Client: CRRC
Assignment: Feasibility project
Design Date: 2019-2020
Cooperation DVS: arch. Leonardo Pestelli, arch. Ambra Paganelli
With: Junmei Du (De Vita & Schulze Architetti- Beijing)


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