Residential complex in the ex-Merinangora Area at Pelago (FI)

A project for about 80 small and medium-size residential apartments, housed in two and three storey buildings, on a site that lies between the Via Forlivese and the Sieve River. The four buildings of the residential complex can be compared to “fingers” that stretch out from the street front towards the river landscape. Walkways or “bridges” on the first and second floors connect the buildings on the street side so the view from the Via Forlivese is screened; behind this “screen” there are views towards the river area. The apartments are all oriented east-west to maximize their exposure to sunlight. This complex is integrated with new green areas and appropriately furnished pedestrian routes and seating. A ring of open space surrounding the complex that will be ceded to the Municipal authorities has been laid out. The materials used are the result of research on the language of modernity and its interaction and dialogue with traditional themes: stone, wood, and metal characterize the complex.

Locality: Pelago (Florence)
Client: UNICA Cooperative
Assignment: P.U.C.* Design Project, Final and Executive Design Project, Artistica Direction
With: Giulia Cellie (Associata 2007 – Giugno 2011)
Construction Company: Consorzio Etruria, Montelupo (FI)


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