An apartment in the historic centre of Florence

An interior design project in the centre of Florence that reinterprets the spatial organization and the structure of the medieval “casa in linea” and tries to maintain continuity between the different living areas using contemporary language.
Ancient and modern materials confront each other: the size and position of each individual element is carefully gauged. The kitchen and walk-in wardrobe, the services core, was placed in the middle of the very long floor plan. This meant that the front and back walls of the apartment (which face the road and a hill respectively) remained free thereby facilitating the entrance of natural light. From the upstairs floor, placed above the services core, one overlooks both the living area and the private area that leads to the bedroom and bathroom. The glazed surfaces on the roof and mezzanine floor allow light from above to penetrate the areas below. Some pieces of furniture designed for this apartment synthesize and continue the journey begun with the project, studying the heights, thicknesses, the dimensions of space itself, in their proposal of totally new material and functional solutions.


Locality: Florence
Client: Private
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project, Project Management
Design Date: 1989
Date of Realization: 1990


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