Restoration, recovery and re-functionalization of the XVII century Civic Palace of Finale Emilia (Modena)

The restoration project of the Municipality of Finale Emilia starts from the need to redefine both the spatial aspects of the complex and the distributive ones, working in the direction of a rediscovered recognition of historicized volumetric and spatial relationships. The building wanted to re-entrust roles and functions that had already been established before the earthquake and making it possible to rediscover a due centrality that manifests itself with the functions but also with an authentic recognition of the historicized spaces, of the formal values, of the decorations, of what a rigorous intervention of compatible restoration and reuse can reveal, restore, transfer to the future.


Locality: Finale Emilia (Modena)
Client: Municipality of Finale Emilia
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2019 – 2020

With: Colombi Roversi & Associati, Ing. Edi Massarenti, P.I. Nicola Prando, Studio Mondaini Roscani Architetti Associati

Cooperation DVS: Arch. Leonardo Pestelli


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