Central National Library in Florence

The principle objective of the internal reorganization of the Central National Library in Florence was to improve the way the library is used by providing a modern reception area in possession of the requisites considered necessary by all the important European cultural institutions. The scientific and cultural information offered should be backed up by a series of high quality services. The specific design theme was to redesign the main entrance area with a new cloakroom and room for library passes; to create a new “Bar-Coffee-shop”; to restore the Galileo Hall to its role as an exhibition area and to create a new Book-Shop. So far only the main entrance area has been realized: efforts were concentrated on the areas next to the hall where a new cloakroom and reception area have been created.


Locality: Florence
Client: Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities
Brief: Final design project, working plans and project management
Designed: 2000
Designed: 2002
Collaborators: arch. Francesco Gurrieri, arch. Federico Gurrieri, Studio Lombardini Engineering, Ing. Manuele Petranelli
Building Firm: Ariem Pty Ltd, Roma


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