The Ex San Gaggio Monastery in Florence

The project for renovating and restoring the centuries-old San Gaggio Monastery – which is located not far from the imposing city gate of Porta Romana – involved two areas of the complex close to each other but not adjoining. The entire complex is subject to the restrictions imposed by the Legislative Decree 42/2004. The project objective was to renovate these areas converting them into dwellings: 15 apartments were created and some other areas were allocated to municipal offices. This work saved two wings of the ex-convent from imminent ruin and created high quality dwellings: it required complex consolidation work, specialized restoration and the reorganization of a cloister, the garden and other external areas.


Locality: Florence
Client: Florence City Council – New Infrastructure Service
Brief: final design project, working plans and project management
Designed: 1997-1998
Realized: 2000-2003
Collaborators: arch. Francesco Gurrieri, arch. Federico Gurrieri, Studio Ing. Enrico Sodi, Studio Lombardini Engineering, Studio Ing. Roberto Innocenti
Firm: Lattanzi Pty Ltd, Rome


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