Restoration of the City Walls of Lastra a Signa and Recovery of the Urban Garden (Florence)

The project focuses on the architectural and social redevelopment of an undeveloped urban area, located in the historic center of Lastra a Signa, marginalized from city life and affected by physical decay, despite the fact that the place is rich in historical and artistic memory. The area is in fact bordered by fifteenth-century walls which were built by extraordinary figures of the Renaissance such as Battista d’Antonio and Filippo Brunelleschi.
The restoration of the fifteenth-century city walls has also allowed the surrounding areas to be nice and safe places shared by citizens and tourists. The project area will host spaces for traditional outdoor games and activities such as the bowling green, the grass volleyball court, the archery field and a space equipped with seats and trees for rest, the parking and social relations, a free area for spontaneous games and capable of hosting, if necessary, temporary structures for exchanges and events aimed at enhancing the products and culture of the territory.


Locality: Lastra a Signa (Florence)
Client: Municipality of Lastra a Signa
Assignment: Preliminary, Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2018 – 2019

With: arch. Serena Acomanni, Diacon S.r.l.Prof. Arch. Giacomo Tempesta

Cooperation DVS: Arch. Federica De Curtis


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