Design of Restoration Interventions Of the External Shelter of the Florence Santa Maria Novella Railway Station in Florence

The project refers to necessary and evident interventions on the entire shelter of the Santa Maria Novella station in Florence, a well known “modern architecture” monument built in 1935, following the collapse in July 2019 of an almost entire false ceiling field of the shelter itself. Subsequent investigations, surveys, studies have made possible to better understand the original constructive characteristics of the false ceiling fields, allowing to plan the restoration. The overall intervention has become an opportunity to reconstruct the ceiling by restoring the original mosaic tiles, replacing the lost or degraded ones laying new ones totally similar to the existing ones. A new technological system makes the whole canopy safer while preserving the formal perception of this testimony to the best of Florentine rationalist architecture.


Locality: Florence
Client: Grandi Stazioni Rail S.p.A.
Assignment: Final Design Project
Design Date: 2020 – in progress

With: arch. Nadia Musumeci

Cooperation DVS: Tatiana Pignatale


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