Restoration interventions on sections of the XV Century Cascina Pinucci Area in Lastra a Signa (Florence)

The intervention aims to restore a portion of the urban wall circuit that delimits the complex called Cascina Pinucci. The complex consists of a portion of Renaissance walls with a beautiful corner tower. The Guelph battlements drawn in brick are legible on the walls. The walls and the tower, as parts of a complex of absolute value for civil history and architecture, have imposed the obligation to provide well-founded works aimed at perpetrating their configuration and material consistency over time. An important part of the project is the restoration and recovery of the walkways existing at the top of the walls and of the rooms inside the tower. The new corten steel staircase connects the outside with the upper walkway on the west side of the walls and represents a distinguishable and reversible addition, flanked and at the same time detached from the historic walls. It is connected to the walkway through the creation of a single opening in the brick parapet and fixed to the masonry structure with the insertion of a single metal shelf in the masonry at the level of the walking surface of the walkways.


Locality and year: Lastra a Signa (Florence)
Client: Municipality of Lastra a Signa
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2020 – 2021

With: Diacon S.r.l.Prof. Arch. Giacomo Tempesta, CMA S.r.l. Unipersonale

Cooperation DVS: arch. Leonardo Pestelli


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