Restoration and Functional Adaptation of the Municipal Theater of San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)

The project refers to the activities to be carried out for an effective re-functionalization of the Bucci Cinema Theater, built in 1949, as a space for the show and a high-level cultural magnet, made efficient, updated, attractive for theater companies of different caliber, above all a new and rediscovered reference for a vast community, a reference for the intellectual curiosity of many citizens of San Giovanni Valdarno as well as for those of an extended territory far beyond the urban borders. This project intends to return to the use and collective cultural growth a lively, active cultural asset, projected towards the future while retaining its symbolic and cultural values rooted in the memory and affection of citizens and the many who connect to this place knowledge, fun, individual and associated growth.


Locality: San Giovanni Val d’Arno, (AR)
Client: Municipality of San Giovanni Valdarno
Assignment: Technical and economic feasibility design, Final and Executive Design Project
Design Date: 2020 – in progress

With: Fabrica Progetti, Consilium Srl, Ing. Antonio Calonaci, Daniele Spisa

Cooperation DVS: arch. Leonardo Pestelli, arch. Daniele Galliani


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