Restoration and recovery of the Arsenal, Fortezza da Basso in Florence

The Arsenal, an eighteenth-century building of timeless compositional rigor, abandoned for decades, was in a very bad state of conservation, very close to the collapse of the supporting structures, both as regards the horizontals, partly collapsed, and for the vertical structures. The intervention allowed the recovery of the entire building in two phases, as part of the expansion of the prestigious exhibition spaces of the Fortress. Three thousand square meters of exhibition in the first phase, over a thousand and the construction of a restaurant in the second. A careful operation of technological upgrading of this building was carried out, also in order to equip its spaces with an advanced and experimental plant, ensuring the construction of horizontal structures for exceptional loads, always respecting the monumental text.


Locality: Florence
Client: So.Ge.S.E.
Assignment: Final and Executive Design Project, Project Management
Design Date: 1989 – 1993
With: arch. Francesco Gurrieri, arch. Federico Gurrieri


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